The website is a non-profit non-commercial website "located" in Germany. Although we do not collect user information via "cookies" or so the basic statistics show us that there are numerous requests from internet providers in foreign countries. Unfortunately we are not able to maintain at least an english translation for all pages. We appologize for that.

The topic of is scuba diving, biology as well and topics around scuba diving. The website just had its first anniversary which means the database is constantly growing.

Right now we provide the intense description of some ten lakes in the German State North Rhine Westfalia located in the wild west of the country where the website is located. There are descriptions of a few lakes all over the country.

The database of international dive sites is growing as well. Click the link to see what we have.

Two main topics are looked after: coral bleeching (including reefcheck) and sharks the endangered species.

For a first and rough translation we advise you to use babelfish a service free of charge provided by Altavista.

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